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New MM track online – ‘Back to 85’

New MM track online – ‘Back to 85’

It took them over three years but there’s finally a new MM track online.

Melodic hardcore band MM was founded in 1994. In 1999, after two demo tapes and numerous shows in the Netherlands and Belgium, the band’s debut album ‘Stand By Your Side’ was released on Mark Foggo’s Skanky ‘Lil label. It was followed a year later by ‘On Your Knees’, a split seven inch with Belgian hardcore bands Hard Resistance and Convict. In 2001 a second full length was released, ‘For My Crew’ on Core Records. Around that time, MM also appeared on several compilation CDs, such as ‘Stand As One’ (We Bite), ‘New League Of Hardcore Vol. 4’ (I Scream), ‘Respect Your Roots’ (I Scream) and ‘Up Sampler 1’ (Up Magazine). In 2001 a third album called ‘Changes’ was recorded and released on U-Scream Records. Shows all over Europe followed and MM played with bands such as Kill Your Idols, Maximum Penalty, Terror, Vision, The Business, Comeback Kid, Murphy’s Law and Skarhead.

Because the musical direction had shifted from hardcore to punk rock/punk pop by then, it was decided to change the name of the band and ditch the MM song repertoir. Under the name Operation Phoenix, a self-titled and self-released full length album was released in 2006. In late 2008, Operation Phoenix called it a day after singer Björn left the band because he wanted more time to spend with his family. About half a year later, the remaining members came to the conclusion that they still wanted to make music together in one way or another. After a few band meetings and rehearsals, the decision was made to pick things up where MM left off in 2005. Joost switched to lead vocals and Ruud Hermans (ex-Ass If) took his place on guitar, and with this new line-up the band started rehearsing on songs from the three MM albums. The first live show by the new incarnation of MM was scheduled for April 2010 and the band is planning to start writing new songs in the near future.

And here it is:

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