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New zine from the Netherlands: The L.A. Journal

New zine from the Netherlands: The L.A. Journal

European webzine Legends Arising has introduced its first fanzine.

“The L.A. Journal #1 focuses on the good things in life: hardcore music, traveling, art, vegan/vegetarian food, opinions, and our community.

The zine includes interviews with Expire, Backtrack, Turnstile, Angel Du$t, and Kids Insane. There is a tour report by Coldburn and city features on London and Berlin. Well Fed and Heart Studio are featured with amazing (exclusive) artwork and interviews. We followed Revelation Records a day in their office and Kasper of Redemption Denied put together his ideal survival kit for touring. On top of that we included three vegan recipes, two columns and much more.”

la journal

It’s an A5 format, full color fanzine, printed on 100% recycled paper, containing 60 pages of reading material.

The L.A. Journal will make its premiere at Northcote Festival in The Netherlands on March 29th, but it’s now up for pre-order for only three euros. Pre-orders will be shipped on March 28th.

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