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UPDATED: No Turning Back part ways with Monster

UPDATED: No Turning Back part ways with Monster

UPDATE: In addition to the news story below, No Turning Back has posted an update on their Facebook page, further explaining their decision to cancel their endorsement with Monster Energy:

Just to make things clear, since reactions are getting off focus:

We decided to end our cooperation with Monster.

Half naked women pouring themselves with Monster and linking that with our underground music and scene is not the way we want to see hardcore portrayed. It is definitely not what we want to bring across as a message to especially our younger fans about what hardcore is about. Putting girls on stage to serve as objects is an affront to every woman present at a hardcore show in our eyes.

We would like to thank Monster for the sponsorship the last couple of years, but they turned into a road we don’t want to follow. So no middle finger to Monster, just a goodbye. We will not be boycotting Monster shows or leading an anti Monster crusade, we will just not represent Monster anymore.

We will still affiliate ourselves with sponsors, as long as their views are and stay in line with our perspective.

No Turning Back will keep to our own set of rules.

That means
NO to racism,
NO to homophobia, and
YES to equal rights for man and woman.


No Turning Back decided to part ways with Monster. This is the short statement on Facebook:

After seeing the “Monster Energy Kicking it at Groezrock 2013” video we decided to quit immediately the cooperation with Monster Energy. What is shown in the video is not what we stand for as band.

This is the video NTB is talking about:

Earlier This Routine Is Hell posted this about the video on their Facebook page:

Big corporations like Moster Energy drink have been cunningly trying to penetrate the ‘alternative’ scene by sponsoring festival for years and years, but this video just tops it all. Objectifying women, filled with rockstar attitude bullshit and making a lasting impression on young kids that it’s a good idea to fill your stomach with this unhealthy crap. I don’t know about you guys, but to me, this shit is exactly at the opposite end of what this music should be trying to achieve.

People need to be encouraged and supported to think for themselves, so let’s keep this corporate unhealthy bullshit ideology out of our music. Here’s the most honest and sincere answer I can give: FUCK YOU!

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