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Off With Their Heads stream new record “Home”

Off With Their Heads stream new record “Home”

Just before the March 11th release, Off With Their Heads are streaming their new album Home in its entirety.

Check it out, it’s great. Review and interview hopefully up soon.

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  1. Pim said on 2013-03-07

    Awesome record.

    • Just Killing Time said on 2013-03-07

      To be honest, it’s really good, but not awesome. Hospitals, From The Bottom and In Desolation are awesome. This is just really good.

      I’ll try to explain why in the review, but I’m still chewing on that shit, trying to find the words myself, hahaha.

      • Pim said on 2013-03-07

        I’ll get back to you on that when I’ve properly checked out their back catalogue. Until then it’s awesome.

        • bootsman said on 2013-03-07

          check out the Beltones too.

  2. bootsman said on 2013-03-07

    Nothing tops From The Bottom but this is a damn good record.