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On Bodies: New band with exmembers of Culture and As Friends Rust

On Bodies: New band with exmembers of Culture and As Friends Rust

Damien Moyal, singer of Culture, Morning Again and As Friends Rust and Rich Thurston guitarist of Culture and a whole lot of other bands have a new band called On Bodies. A track from their upcoming EP ‘Planet Hospice’ just landed on Bandcamp. You can hear it here:

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  1. Just Killing Time said on 2011-08-13

    Wow, that sounds really cool. I really dig me some early As Friends Rust (Everything they released after the 6 Songs ep didn’t really do it for me), this sounds just as raw as The Fists of Time with the more straight forward rocking attitude of 6 Songs.

    Not fully convinced yet (Damien’s vocal seem to lack some power they had in the past in this recording), but eager to hear more.

  2. xroldx said on 2011-08-13

    I’m eager to hear more as well. To me it sounds like a more old school approach of the As Friends Rust sound.

  3. Pim said on 2011-08-13

    That beginning riff reminds me of Hard Times (or Blacklisted who used a similar sounding riff) 😉

    Production sounds really raw, maybe a bit too raw (am I saying this?)

  4. Just Killing Time said on 2011-08-13

    I don’t think the production is too raw (give Fists of Time another spin… now that’s raw, haha). It’s just that Damiens vocals aren’t as dominant in the mix as it always was with As Friends Rust (who esp. on later records always had a pretty crisp and polished sound to begin with, for a HC band at least). His vocals are also a bit more gruff here.

  5. rowald said on 2011-08-13

    Sounds cool! But everybody knows ‘Won’ is AFR definite record, so if this stuff evolves the same way as AFR I’ll be even more stoked.

  6. Gijs Wilbrink said on 2011-08-15

    Lovin’ this.

  7. Samuli said on 2011-08-15

    Nice to hear something new from Damien. Travelling backwards in time music wise from the AFR days, but still somehow interesting. Looking forward to the EP.

  8. Just Killing Time said on 2011-08-16

    Come to think of it, this kind of reminds me of Damien’s BrideburneR project. Anybody remember that?

  9. robin john said on 2011-08-16

    bridgeburner is cool