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Onno “Cro-Mag” van Ravensteijn died of a heart attack

Onno “Cro-Mag” van Ravensteijn died of a heart attack

I don’t think we’re exaggerating when we say the international hardcore scene was shocked yesterday by the news of the passing of Onno Cro-Mag.

We can’t imagine you never heard of the guy, he supported countless of bands throughout the years with his interviews and reviews in Aardschok magazine, the European Hardcore Party’s he set up, his rather new label Strength Records etc. etc.

Rest in peace Onno.

onno cro mag

Wouter of Strength Records put out the following statement yesterday:

With sadness in my heart I write that Onno van Ravensteijn “Cromag” has passed away due to a heart attack. A unique, warm, honest and colourfull person. A legend with a heart of gold and a friend.

Strength to family and friends


We’ll do a more in-depth article later (if you want to contribute, get in touch).

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