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Otis Christ Superstar pre-orders up

Otis Christ Superstar pre-orders up

Rockendale, Noord-Brabant stonerpunks OTIS are gearing up to release their third full length LP, tentatively titled Otis Christ Superstar.

No guests, piano’s or soundscapes on this one, just five old men rockin’ hard in the basement of Studio 195 in Wernhout, NL. For fans of Mastodon, At The Drive-In, Jesus Lizard, Weedeater and Snapcase.

Available on:
– Black vinyl LP
– Solid orange vinyl LP (limited to 200 copies)
– Clear / silver mix vinyl LP (limited to 100 copies)

All vinyl LP’s come with a CD copy.

Pre-orders are now up right here.
Otis Christ Superstar will be released with a party at Mezz Breda on March 8th.




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  1. Onno said on 2014-01-15

    great album title, plus great songtitles. artwork is cool too, never really paid much attention to this band, but maybe I should.

    • Just Killing Time said on 2014-01-15

      I’m a bit biased since their from my hometown and I’ve known them for years, but I think their previous records Good Cop, Bad Mood and Storm Is Coming are essential listening, although their style did change a bit over the years.

  2. Dennis said on 2014-01-16

    I really do like that split with Greyline. I also have Storm is coming, but to say it’s essential listening…

  3. Onno said on 2014-01-16

    I played with them in Haarlem once, plus I saw their former bands a couple of times. Liked the rocky hardcore style they played back then, will listen to the new stuff some more.

  4. Maurice said on 2014-01-24

    I am interested in this record.