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Questions release new EP “Out of Society”

Questions release new EP “Out of Society”

Questions, a Brazilian hardcore band based in São Paulo, just released 2 brandnew songs from the upcoming EP “Out of Society”! Recorded and produced by Fernando Sanches in El Rocha Studios, São Paulo, Brasil, in June 2013, featuring Andrew Kline (STRIFE) and Nick Jett (TERROR) that joined them on the track “We Are Not Alone”. Seven Eight Life Recording will put out this 7″ for their upcoming European/Russian Tour in July/August 2013.

And finally, to summarize the concept of the new album a bit, some of the members talk about what is to be out of society:

“For me Questions always represented it, above all, a personal satisfaction. A channel to express our ideas, vent frustrations, enhance the values which we believe is important in life. But with each passing year the harsh reality imposes itself: a hardcore band in Brazil is not an economically viable thing, it´s quite the opposite, everything seems to conspire against. But there is the will and determination speak louder and find more and more strength to fight. Since we live in a place where our art (and many others) is not properly recognized, the easiest thing would be to give up, give it all up and embrace a normal life within the standards that most of society expects of us. Get a ‘good’ job, living to accumulate money and goods, consume more and more, face the mediocrity, sameness. We are not born for this. If this is the plan of life that society has to offer, we feel out of it. We did not come into this world to be just another cog in the wheel, but rather try to build our way and find our space. Prove ourselves that a better life is possible without stepping on anyone. Strengthen the hardcore in Brazil … yes, sounds utopian, but it still makes sense for us.” (Pablo Menna)

“How big is our freedom? Since kid I’d always felt a “dirty, rotten and imbecile” by the eyes of society, either with my lifestyle I lead or charges imposed by them to make “our world” better. So when I was sure that my life would not be easy and would have to prove to myself and my family, i’d would be able to live outside the system and not follow everything I was imposed. Over time I got to know other people with the same ideas, both in music and in the attitudes of the day by day and find that the hardcore was our life, a lifestyle and not a fashion, time flies, but few survive it. Questions besides being my family is a tool to say no to society and the do it yourself is the answer! Question, think and believe, even the society is above you, we who determine our fate.” (Eduardo Sasaki)

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