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Reflections announce two new bands

Reflections announce two new bands

Time for the Reflections newsletter again. Relax, breathe in and start reading. Oh and we’ll forgive em for not including a quote at the end this time, but next time we’re not going to publish this news if there isn’t a quote in there. Reflections Newsletters are all about the quotes.

We’re glad they signed Inherit by the way, there will be a short, but nice, ‘new breed’ interview with them up on the site this week.

• INHERIT joins Reflections
• SUFFERING QUOTA joins Reflections
• RITUAL European Tour w/ Soul Control
• NEW MORALITY US Tour w/ Downpresser, Take Offense and Cornered
• REFLECTIONS RECORDS on the road / Office closed August 16 – September 8

While for most people their summer vacation is coming to an end, we’re about to finally take a break. Not without having something to look forward to when we’re back. We’re very happy and proud to announce two new bands to the Reflections roster. Over the last few years we have chosen to work with mainly European bands because we feel that it’s important to support our local scenes and with INHERIT from London, United Kingdom, and SUFFERING QUOTA from Groningen, The Netherlands there’s two bands who perfectly represents where we as a label stand these days.

In a time where the world is suffering from the greed of stockbrokers and bankers, where once again thousands of people are starving in Africa, senseless violence and destruction is happening in the UK and where religious fanatics keep on terrorizing the innocent, it’s extreme music that somehow keeps us sane. Music might not be the weapon to solve the worlds problems but it’s the perfect outlet for aggression and a way to show emotion, anger and despair. Hardcore was never about limitations musically nor lyrically and with both INHERIT and SUFFERING QUOTA we have two bands, even though quite different musically, that do just that.

INHERIT joins Reflections!
Some formulas never seem to fail. Nothing can beat hard riffing with meaningful lyrics. People are always hungry to hear music that makes them feel like wrecking the dancefloor or stage diving whilst blasting a song on headphones 10 minutes before their job interview.

At its essence hardcore is more than music. INHERIT, from London combine thrash/crossover guitar work with NYHC grooves and lyrics that go deeper than the usual tired clichés. Aggressive tunes to help you keep a PMA at a time when this world seems to be heading towards full collapse… Don’t lose hope.

INHERIT’s debut 7” will be released by Reflections Records this coming autumn.
More news on the exact release date and pre-orders coming soon.

SUFFERING QUOTA joins Reflections!
I guess getting older doesn’t mean getting softer…. SUFFERING QUOTA is a four-piece consisting of hardcore and metal veterans from Groningen, The Netherlands, and upon hearing the first notes of their demo they completely blew us away. Their musical eruptions blending hardcore, grindcore and death metal showing their love for the extreme in music was exactly what we were looking for in a new band.

“We all like good music, whether it’s the hardcore from His Hero Is Gone and Cursed, grindcore from Assück (of course) and Phobia, the ‘screamo’ from Orchid or the death metal from Entombed or that once so famous ‘Bremen’ style from bands like Systral. We like it all. We even like punkrock as well! Eh… except the whimpy kind ofcourse!”

The bands cultural background truly comes forward in their no-nonsense approach: A fast and brutal kick in the face leaving you gasping for air. Reflections Records is proud and above all filled with adrenaline to bring you once again a band that shows the essence of real hardcore: Anger and aggression packed in sound.

SUFFERING QUOTA will release their debut 12” this coming winter.
More news on the exact release date and pre-orders coming soon.

RITUAL European Tour w/ Soul Control
RITUAL are on the road with Soul Control for a few weeks already but with Ieper Fest and other fests and great shows still coming up, there’s still plenty of opportunities to go see both bands! Don’t miss out!

11.08.2011 UK, London @ The Underworld
12.08.2011 Belgium, Ieper @ Ieper Fest
13.08.2011 Germany, Schneverdingen @ Move Your Ass Festival
13.08.2011 Germany, Hannover @ The Rise Fest
14.08.2011 Poland, Lodz @ Dekompresja Club
15.08.2011 Austria, Wien @ Escape
16.08.2011 Slovakia, Kosice @ Colloseum Club
17.08.2011 Austria, Stevr@Roda
18.08.2011 Germany, Leipzig @ 4 Rooms
19.08.2011 Germany, Hohenstein @ Voice of Art Festival
20.08.2011 Germany, Berlin @ Cassiopeia

Ritual  – Paper Skin. LP / CD / Digital Download on iTunes is out now and available everywhere. First pressing has 200 copies on brown vinyl and these are almost gone. Check out the band’s blog at for news on upcoming tours, (release!) shows and more.

Ritual – Paper Skin. Gatefold LP for € 12,00 

Ritual – Paper Skin. CD for € 10,00
Ritual – Paper Skin. Gatefold LP + CD for € 17,50 
Get it at the iTunes store for € 8.99

Check out the band’s blog at for news, shows and more.

NEW MORALITY is currently touring the USA. Go check them out when you have the chance. They’re on tour with Downpresser, Cornered and Take Offense.

8/10 Orlando FL @ Uncle Lous
8/11 Tallahassee FL @ Trainwreck
8/12 Atlanta GA @ Wonderroot
8/13 Decatur AL @ Planet Avalon
8/14 8/14 Jackson MS @ The Carter w/ Rotting Out
8/15 Fort Worth TX @ TBA
8/16 San Antonio TX @ The White Rabbit w/ Bitter End, Hardside
8/17 El Paso TX @ 2nd Forum Gallery
8/18 Tucson AZ @ Jacob’s YMCA
8/19 Tijuana MX @ Sotano De La Septima
8/20 Pomona CA @ Alladin Jr
8/21 Carpinteria CA @ TBA

Check out:

REFLECTIONS RECORDS on the road! / Office closed August 17 – September 8
Before we take our summerbreak, make sure to drop by at IEPER FEST on August  12 / 13 /14. We’re planning on not only bringing the greatest records available but we’ll be offering some good deals on merch and CD’s. Make sure to drop by and say hi!

TAKE NOTE: We will be closed for business from August 17 – September 7. Ordering through our online store will go on 24/7 but we won’t be shipping any packages during this period. Check out all the new arrivals to our online store.

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