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Reflections Records could use your help – t-shirt sale

Reflections Records could use your help – t-shirt sale

We at SWNK love Reflections. Aside from interviewing Johan for issue #2 of our paper zine (still available), or doing stuff with Reflections like this or this, they’re just great people. And now they could use some help.

In short: Reflections Records their van broke down this week and while they hate to do it, they’re selling t-shirts on a ‘name your price’ base. So pick up a shirt or a CD (3 euro at the moment!) or something and support them.

Pick up the shirt in their online store

Here’s the full statement from Reflections:

“We’ve been doing our label and mailorder since 1997. That’s over 15 years of not only releasing records but also bringing vinyl to shows with our distro and helping kids getting their vinyl as easy and cheap as possible. Now our beloved Reflections van broke down this week and we’re looking at € 2500 to get it fixed.

We’ve always taken pride in operating on our own terms. We have never asked for government funding, never took out loans. Being completely independent is the way we have been working for more than a decade. However in this day and age it’s hard to keep things afloat as a record label and even though we manage to still do just fine and are able to release killer records, costs like these are completely unexpected and always come at a bad time…

In a moment of being really bummed out about this I wrote a status update on Facebook and within a matter of minutes our good friends at came up with a plan: “We can print 100 t-shirts for the label and give people the opportunity to pay whatever they want to support you guys.” Left speechless I stuttered (… could be pride fucking with me…) but soon came to realize that we wanted to do a Reflections shirt soon anyway. If this brings in a little bit of extra money to get the van repaired we’re already helped a whole lot.

So to anyone who not only wants to support us, but just wants a great Reflections Records shirt, feel free to go the our online store and put in your donation. You can put in as little or as much as you like, but ordering through the online store has a minimum of €10,00. Postage for 1 shirt is approx. €2.50 for The Netherlands, €3.50 Europe, €6.00 World.

Order your shirt at the Reflections Online Store and pay what you want. Now, for the biggest donation we’ve got something extra special: he or she will receive a custom made painted skateboard deck done by Johan Prenger of Reflections Records with a design of your choice.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the help from Jelle at The Distance Designs and most and for all Richard and Sharon from You guys are amazing, thank you so much!”

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