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Refused back on stage in 2012?

Refused back on stage in 2012?

We can’t confirm if it’s real or not, but an “inside source” posted a sneak preview about what is supposed to be the lineup for Coachella 2012.

And who’s on the bill? Amongst already confirmed acts like No Doubt and Radiohead? You might have guessed it already if you read the title of this news article:


Yes, another reunion, but I wouldn’t mind some Euro dates as well…

You can read the whole supposed lineup here:

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  1. xroldx said on 2011-11-29

    Would be a good addition to Groezrock.

  2. Onno said on 2011-11-29

    I have nothing against reunions, but I do have something against bands who year by year keep saying it will NEVER happen until it does…

    Would def go to see them though, great fucking band!

  3. Just Killing Time said on 2011-11-29

    Isn’t it just another band named Refused? I find this news highly doubtful…

  4. Marty said on 2011-11-29

    Holy shit! My favorite hardcore band ever! Could this just be…?

  5. Aart Steekelenbrug said on 2011-12-01

    Somehow i never thought this would happen. I don’t think it will either…

  6. Just Killing Time said on 2011-12-01

    I sincerely hope this will not happen.

    I want to continue telling Refused lovers I saw the band twice, one time of which when Songs to fan… was just out. 😉

    • Onno said on 2011-12-07

      I saw them once in the small room of the Melkweg, a long long time ago. Was before Shape, but don’t know exactly when.

  7. Roelof said on 2011-12-06

    It would be awesome to see them.
    But please not on Groezrock.
    1 crappy sound at Groezrock
    2 most important one. I can’t go to Groezrock this year 🙂

  8. Pim said on 2012-01-10

    For anyone who doubted this, it’s happening for sure: