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Rise And Fall – Deceiver 7″ now available at Deathwish

Rise And Fall – Deceiver 7″ now available at Deathwish

“Deceiver” b/w “Sinking In Sin” is a limited 7″EP from Rise And Fall that hints at their future, while also honoring their H8000 past.

“Deceiver” is taken from their highly anticipated new album, “Faith/Fate”, due out in early 2012. Already a staple of their live sets, “Deceiver” is an absolute ripper of a song that combines the strongest songwriting elements of their “Into Oblivion” and “Our Circle Is Vicious” albums. Frantic drumming, discordant guitars, and passionate vocal screams all build into an awe-inducing wall of sound. If “Deceiver” is any indication of what is on the horizon, Rise And Fall’s “Faith/Fate” will be a serious contender for one of the best hardcore albums of 2012.

The B-Side of this 7″EP features “Sinking In Sin”, Rise And Fall’s tribute to Belgian Hardcore legends, Congress, and the H8000 Scene as a whole. In their interpretation of the song, Rise And Fall create a dark and textural atmosphere that compliments the powerful metallic hardcore foundation that Congress laid before them. They are even joined by former members of Congress and Liar, bringing the two generations of Belgian Hardcore together, as one vicious circle.

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