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Run With The Hunted announce European tour

Run With The Hunted announce European tour

Run With The Hunted have announced their return to Europe this summer where they will tour with UNVEIL. The band will also be playing Fluff Fest for the first time.

Their songs are founded around the heaviness and technicality of bands like Indecision and Turmoil intermixed with strong noisy flourishes akin to Botch or Catharsis. Lyrically, the band explores political and personal subject matter in equal parts but with the same introspective angle and emotional vulnerability the band has become known for.

06.07.2012 Brugg, Switzerland @ Picadilly
07.07.2012 New Noise Festival Karlsruhe, Germany @ Stadtmitte
08.07.2012 Berlin, Germany @ TBA
09.07.2012 Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
10.07.2012 Mühlheim, Germany @ AZ
11.07.2012 Paris, France @ TBA
12.07.2012 Toulouse, France @ Saint des Seins
13.07.2012 Marseille, France @ TBA
14.07.2012 Milano, Italy @ SGA Arese
15.07.2012 Graz, Austria @ Sub
16.07.2012 Budapest, Hungary @ TB
17.07.2012 Lake Balaton, Hungary @ TBA
18.07.2012 Poznan, Poland
19.07.2012 Prague, Czech Rep @ Fluff Fest Pre Show
21.07.2012 Rokycany, Czech Rep @ Fluff Fest

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One comment

  1. platypus said on 2012-05-31

    Here’s the updated Tour schedule:

    06.07.2012 Brugg Switzerland Picadilly

    07.07.2012 Karlsruhe Germany New Noise Festival

    08.07.2012 Litvínov Czech R. Ponorka club

    09.07.2012 Hamburg Germany Rote Flora

    10.07.2012 Mühlheim Germany AZ

    11.07.2012 Paris France Le Rigoletto

    12.07.2012 Toulouse France Saint des Seins

    13.07.2012 Marseille France The O’Bundies

    14.07.2012 Milano Italy SGA Arese

    15.07.2012 Graz Austria Sub

    16.07.2012 Krakow Poland Fort Numer 7 Bronowice

    17.07.2012 NEED HELP (Warsaw?)

    18.07.2012 Poznan Poland Rozbrat Squat

    19.07.2012 Prague Czech R. Café Na Pul Cesty

    21.07.2012 Rokycany Czech R. Fluff Fest (ONLY RWTH)