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Said And Done post update about recording progress

Said And Done post update about recording progress

Our last ‘update’ dates back to April 2011. Time flies… But here’s a small sign of life after 1,5 years. Been long enough. Said And Done is not dead yet.

So what have we been up to in the meantime? We’ve been writing a new full length and have started recording this ‘rock record’ ourselves. Because we like DIY. It’s great, but since this is our first time doing this, it also caused a couple of delays. But you can read more about that in the entire update on our website.

We’ll keep it short for now: Drum recordings are done and we might finish Stef’s guitar parts today. Still quite some time to go, but we’re getting there.

A short preview of the drum recordings can be seen below. Let’s hope the next update doesn’t take another 1,5 years.

In the meantime stay classy internet.

Anyway we just wanted to give you an update, a sign of life. So here’s a 1 minute, crappy video of us recording drums that gives you absolutely no clue at all how everything’s going to sound. What you’re hearing is a (part of a) raw, unleveled, unmixed, unmastered, unEQed, un-everything-ed drum track that might or might not end up on the record. Let’s not even talk about what you’re seeing…

Read the whole update.

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