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Shield Recordings is going mad this summer!

Shield Recordings is going mad this summer!

Things aren’t slowing down at Shield Recordings. They’ve just released Make Do And Mend’s End Measured Mile and a new release is on its way, check it all here:

Shield Recordings releases Sweet Empire’s “This Season Needs Torches”.

On September 1st Shield Recordings will release Sweet Empire’s first full length “This Season Needs Torches”. Sweet Empire is a well-known name in the Dutch punkrock scene for about three years now. They play punkrock in the vein of Descendents and Dag Nasty and are not afraid to speak about the not so pretty issues of our society. After releasing an EP on Black Death Records and a split CDr with Oliver John Ward they are now ready for the real deal. This Season needs Torches will be released as a white/blue or dark green LP packed in a Gatefold sleeve and as a CD packed in a great looking digipack.

Pre orders will be available in our webshop as of today! If you would like to listen to some songs first, you can go to:

Pre-order Sweet Empire’s “This Season Needs Torches” CD/LP now:

Summer sale at Shield Recordings webstore, 15% off everything !!
We figured this summer is sad and depressing enough with England burning, the middle East burning, the Economy burning and the sun probably burning but not there where we can see it. That is why we came up with an incredible SUMMER SALE to make you all feel a little bit better. 15% off ALL our records for the rest of this month. Including Make Do and Mend’s End Measured Mile, all our package deals with shirts, testpresses and all the records in our webshop from well-known bands such as AFI, NOFX, Banner Pilot, Me first and the gimme gimmes and so on.

All you have to do is enter our coupon code: “MAD SUMMER” when you are checking out you’re order and the discount is yours.

Check it out:

Make do and Mend – End Measured Mile.

As we told you last time we have released Make Do an Mend’s End Measured Mile right in time for their European tour with Hot Water Music. And they are killing it night after night. Make do and Mend is on tour thru Europe until the end of August so check to see when they are near you!

If you can hook one of the Shield Recordings bands up with a show or want us to visit your show or festival with our distro please send an email to info[@] or contact the bands.

Thank you for reading this and we’ll hope to see you all soon at a show somewhere.

Gert-Jan and Fieke

Out Now: 
SLD 044 – Make do and Mend – End Measured Mile LP/CD
SLD 043 – Sweet Empire – This season needs torchers LP/CD (sept. 1st).
SLD 042 – Citizens Patrol – 2006 – 2011 Discography CD
SLD 038 – The Living Daylights – What keeps you breathing CD
SLD 037 – Tim Vantol – What it Takes 7 inch.
SLD 036 – Brat Pack – Stupidity Returns LP/CD
SLD 035 – PJ Bond – 22 April: Vienna, Austria one side LP

SLD 040 – This Routine is Hell – Repent, repeat 10 inch/ MCD
SLD 041 – Greg Laraigne – Story tellers, true believers LP

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