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State Of Affairs call it quits, this is not a hoax

State Of Affairs call it quits, this is not a hoax

I guess we’re not that legendary nor a long time running band but when the most exiting part about going to bandpractice is that you can go to the city’s library without your kids for a change and walk from bookshelf to bookshelf, it’s time to quit.

As of right now State Of Affairs is no more. We tried to keep the flame of oldschool positive hardcore alive for a while and had our share of great shows (all shows w Crack In The Wall, BoemTikFest, opening up for Betrayed, playing with Verse and Anchor, Teenage Lust release show, shows with The Effort, Right Idea and Rearranged etc)

With members living across the country, busy with jobs or getting jobs, other bands and trying to raise children it was always hard to schedule rehearsels and do shows. We had fun while it lasted, but it’s time to put this to rest.

I’m sure some of us will be back on stage someday with new bands. For now I’d like to thank those who supported us.

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