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State Of Mind announcing end of the band

State Of Mind announcing end of the band

State Of Mind have posted the following update on their Facebook page:



All good things come to an end. After 8 years of playing shows and putting out records, we believe we’ve come to a point where we should start focussing on different stuff. We’ve always said that we wanted to have goals and keep growing as a band. We’re very thankful for all the cool experiences we’ve had, awesome bands we’ve played with and all the great people we met along the way. We’ve always been a band that did things the way we wanted to. And right now, we also want to do it our way. Before we quit, we still want to play some shows and give people that still want to see us the opportunity to do it. Get in touch if you want to hang out with us sometime soon.

So like we said, all good things will come to an end. We’ll book a final show in February 2013 and want to go out with a blast. Keep your eyes open if you want to show us some final love.

Peace out! Hardcore lives!

Yours truly,

State of Mind

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  1. Just Killing Time said on 2012-10-01


  2. Dennis said on 2012-10-02

    same here. This band got better with each release so I was really looking forward to their next step.

  3. Geerten said on 2012-10-02

    Dislike, I hope I’ll see them more than once the next months.

  4. bas035 said on 2012-10-02

    Too bad indeed…

  5. Kevin said on 2012-10-10

    Always liked their shows, great band. Hopefully there’ll be a last chance to see them.
    I remember that my very first 7″ was their s/t.