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Stormtrooper Fanzine Issue 4 out now!

Stormtrooper Fanzine Issue 4 out now!

It’s hard to believe, but issue number four of the infamous Stormtrooper fanzine saw light of day over 15 years after the release of number three.

The Stormtrooper legacy goes back a long way. In the early 90s I used to trade copies of Value Of Strength ‘zine for Stormtrooper ones and have been friends with editor Jim ever since. With the release of issue 4 his better half, Caitlin, was from major importance behind the release of this installment and managed to have a limited run of the ‘zine out right in time for the “Rumble” festival that was held in Chicago just a couple of weeks ago.

Stormtrooper #4 has 40 pages including…

Interview with: 

Scott Vogel, Terror

Articles by: 

Brian Peterson, Burning Fight
Chris Fowler, Iron Rain
Christopher Gutierrez, DeadXStop Fanzine
Jean-Paul Frijns, Value of Strength Fanzine
Kurt Schroeder, Catalyst Records
Mike McTernan, Damnation A.D.
Rob Fish, 108
Rob Moran, Unbroken

Contributions from: 

Andy Hurley, Fall Out Boy
Caitlin Lipinski,
Jeff Johns, Persist Fanzine
Joe Rieman, Lifeline Records
Justin Brannan, Most Precious Blood
Luke Gray, The Killer

Order your copy now and believe me, even though I haven’t read it yet and don’t own a copy myself, it’s worth your hard earned cash

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