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Suburban Scum “Hanging By A Thread” preorders up now

Suburban Scum “Hanging By A Thread” preorders up now

The time is finally here! Preorders are now up for the new Suburban Scum EP “Hanging By A Thread”. Along with ordering the 7” or CD, you can also choose between a bunch of packages including shirts, long sleeves, a snapback, sunglasses, etc. The snapback, sunglasses package is limited to 50 so you better act fast.

If you want to order the vinyl there are two different colors. Order two, and you’ll get both colors while supplies last.

If you were fortunate enough to listen to the Black N Blue Takeover last night then you heard not one, but two new songs off “Hanging By A Thread”. If you missed the show then you’re in luck because here’s the title track:

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