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Surviving Nirvana members playing with Paul McCartney

Surviving Nirvana members playing with Paul McCartney

This sounds so weird… Sites saying ‘Paul McCartney will front a Nirvana reunion tonight — replacing late singer Kurt Cobain.’

They have been rehearsing for some time and are going to play a new song tonight at the Hurricane Sandy charity concert in New York.

Apparently Paul McCartney said he rang Dave Grohl, who asked him to come along to “jam with some mates”.

Paul McCartney had suggested they “just make something up” and found himself playing with Grohl on drums, bassist Krist and guitarplayer Pat Smear (who used to be in the Germs and ended up playing in Nirvana on later tours).

He had the following to say:

I didn’t really know who they were. They are saying how good it is to be back together. I said ‘Whoa? You guys haven’t played together for all that time?’ And somebody whispered to me ‘That’s Nirvana. You’re Kurt.’ I couldn’t believe it.

Could be interesting…

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  1. Onno said on 2012-12-12

    good news!

  2. Pim said on 2012-12-12

    I don’t know. Totally depends on what they’re going to do, if they’re going to rape a Nirvana song I’m not too sure. If they’re just rocking out playing a new tune (seems like it) I’m curious to hear how it sounds.

  3. Onno said on 2012-12-12

    I hardly think they’re gonna do a Nirvana song, since Paul doesn’t even seem to know Nirvana 😉

  4. Joost78 said on 2012-12-12

    It would be pretty cool to hear Paul McCartney sing ‘About a Girl’. I think that actually could work.

    • Pim said on 2012-12-12

      I don’t want to hear McCartney sing a Nirvana song at all, but “About A Girl” would be a good choice, it being heavily influenced by the Beatles.

  5. Pim said on 2012-12-12

    Krist Novoselic tweeted the following:

    ‘It is a new song that’s kind of Helter Skelter meets Scentless Apprentice. It rocks with a heavy groove. St. Paul is powerful.’


  6. Roelof said on 2012-12-12

    I’m curious too

  7. Just Killing Time said on 2012-12-13


    • Pim said on 2012-12-13

      Checked it out this morning. Sounds like Helter Skelter indeed. Also reminds me of “American Woman” (and I’m not into Kravitz at all). Bit sloppy. But all in all better than I expected 🙂

      • Just Killing Time said on 2012-12-13

        You DO know American Woman is not originally a Lenny Krevitz song, right? 😉

        (I had that association as well)

        • Pim said on 2012-12-13

          I did NOT. I “guess” (pun intended) I need to check out the original 🙂

  8. Just Killing Time said on 2012-12-13

    Nothing do to with Nirvana musicwise (i think) but still a cool rocking song. I could listen to an album of this.

    • Pim said on 2012-12-13

      The thing is, what’s a Nirvana song musicwise? If you have a look at their catalogue it’s all over the place (in a good way). To me that is, maybe for the general public it all sounds the same 🙂

      Anyway, McCartney pulled it off way better than I expected, but then again, he wrote Helter Skelter right? 🙂

      • Just Killing Time said on 2012-12-13

        I don’t remember Nirvana ever having this heavy bluesy undertone, but than again, I’m hardly a connaisseur. 🙂

        • Pim said on 2012-12-13

          Not really Nirvana (and it’s a cover), but Kurt & Krist with Mark Lanegan for his solo album:


          But you’re right, not that clear. Krist Novoselic described it as a mix between Helter Skelter and:


  9. Pim said on 2012-12-13

    Here’s a couple of seconds of the studio version of the song:


    I hate those short clips.