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SWNK V3 – changes

SWNK V3 – changes

You might have noticed already, you might not, doesn’t matter, the thing is V3 of SWNK is finally live. It’s not a huge change, but still. It’s progress. And instead of citing a huge list of the small changes, we’ll summarize the more interesting ones.

  • ‘Bigger/responsive’ layout
    The layout is a bit wider now, which gives us a little bit more room to throw stuff at you. At the same time we made it so that people at lower resolutions / smaller screens should see perfectly fine too. We’ll probably did not get it right right away, but if you find any errors / bugs, just let us know and we’ll have a look at it.
  • News Submit form
    Bands / labels etc pay attention. From now on you can easily submit your news through our news submit form. You no longer have to email us, just insert it straight into our database. We’ll have a quick check on what you submitted and if we think it’s interesting and not racist or any of that crap we’ll post it. How nice of us!
  • Recent topics
    The forums have a recent topics list now. So if you want to keep track of what’s currently happening without browsing through all the forums, just use this link.
  • Private messaging
    On the old site we disabled private messaging because of annoying spam attacks and the fact it went total FUBAR all of a sudden. For V3 we upgraded everything, added more spam measures and made it so that only ‘friends’ can send eachother private messages. So in theory spambots should be gone. Let us know if we’re wrong about that, we’ll load our cannons and kill em all. Annoying pricks. In other news: I think we also fixed the notifications bug.
  • Improved search
    You can now search through the forums too. Aint life grand?
  • Extended profiles
    Aside from the info we already had up there, it now also lists the latest forum replies, the latest site comments and latest site contributions (news, reviews, articles, interviews).
  • Related articles
    We can now add related articles. So when you’re done reading an article, we might link you to other, similar articles. So you can keep reading.
  • Tumblr
    We still have to figure things out, but we’re also on Tumblr (again) now. Reviving the old account we made and never worked with from early 2011 (see those old links on the page?). So if that’s your thing, follow us there. Feel free to tell us if we’re doing it wrong.

There’s more, but that’s enough for now. As always, if you have good suggestions for improvements yourself, let us know!

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