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This Routine Is Hell 10″ pre-order and streaming

This Routine Is Hell 10″ pre-order and streaming

Just in from Shield HQ:

Long in the making, but worth the wait! On April 12th Shield Recordings will release This Routine is Hell’s Repent. Repeat. 6 brand new awesome This Routine is Hell songs pressed on a 10 inch vinyl.

Hailing from different parts of the Netherlands, This Routine is Hell have toured around Europe multiple times, resulting in them playing a huge amount of shows. This excessive touring is manifested in ‘Repent. Repeat.’, a record that shows a band that’s grown in multiple dimensions. The title expresses the tragedy of having to repent not only man’s history, but also the perspective of it’s repetition. Musically the band has found their own balance between using battering rhythms and creating a fitting atmosphere. Converged in a band this is their vision on dealing with a complex and diverging world.

Repent. Repeat. will be available for pre-order on March 12 th. There will be limited pre-order vinyl, special screen printed pre-order sleeves and a vinyl/ shirt bundle. So make sure you’ll get your copy as soon as possible thru the Shield Recordings webstore: Shield Recordings Distro .

March 12 th is also the date that a dedicated website will be launched in support of the release of Repent. Repeat. On this website you can stream every song of Repent. Repeat. Check out: Repent. Repeat

PJ Bond is touring Europe again + repress.

Our good friend and awesome musician/ songwriter Mr. PJ Bond is touring the UK and Europe again right now.  The tour started out in the UK Friday march 9 th and will last till the end of April. We don’t have the exact dates yet, but keep an eye on PJ’s Tumbler page:

PJ Bond Tumbler, dates will be up there soon! Since the second press of the 22 April, Vienna Austria EP is down to its last 15 copies (if you want one, get it now in our webstore), we decided to do yet another repress. The 3 rd press will be 200 copies on solid white vinyl, with a beautiful blood red screen print on side B. Available for pre-order in our webstore now, we’ll be sending them out in the last week of March. Also available at PJ’s shows from April 1 st! Order your copy at: Shield Recordings Distro

That’s all from us right now, thank you for reading and till next time!

Gert-Jan and Fieke



Coming up:

SLD 040 – This Routine is hell – Repent. Repeat 10 inch (April 12 th)

SLD 041 – Greg Laraigne – Story tellers, true believers LP (Spring 2012)


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