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Toxic Shock on Reflections Records

Toxic Shock on Reflections Records

Belgium’s crossover band Toxic Shock will be releasing their debut full length on Reflections in May.

Announcing a new band usually starts with the label being proud and happy to welcome them to their roster and just as everyone else we try to do so with the most outrageous and enthusiastic statements possible. With TOXIC SHOCK it’s a little different…. When I got into punk and hardcore back in 1985, 1986, it wasn’t like: BAM! Here’s Minor Threat, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys and all those other bands, that stuff was underground! Heavy Metal was my first love and in ’84, ‘85 Thrash Metal came along and damn, I was hooked! Thrash Metal bands crossed over… S.O.D, Carnivore, D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, Excel… You had Metallica sporting Septic Death and Misfits shirts…. It all clicked together and suddenly I got exposed to a whole new world! Punk and Hardcore (and Skateboarding!) entered my life and it all changed me forever.

And then there’s TOXIC SHOCK from Belgium. These guys make me feel like that all over again. Very fast and aggressive riffing, crazy guitarsolos and an all out maniac on vocals. After their self released debut 12” and numerous shows we’re (and here we go!) very excited to start working with this great band. We’re gonna release their debut full length on CD/LP/Digital end of May. More information on pre-orders coming soon.

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