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Whips/Chains joins Deathwish

Whips/Chains joins Deathwish

Deathwish are proud to welcome Louisville’s Whips/Chains to our affiliated family. Featuring Ryan Patterson (Coliseum), Ben Sears (Black God), and Will Allard (Xerxes), Whips/Chains play a brand of heavy, apocalyptic music for the trying times we live in. This massive sounding down-tuned three piece takes influence from bands like His Hero Is Gone, Bolt Thrower, and others.

“Master/Slave” is Whips/Chains debut 12″EP. Taking no time to set a tone, opener “Secular Front” crawls through a wreckage of noise before breaking into a D-Beat stride. Other songs “Brick and Mortar”, “Trembling and Alone”, and “Human Filth” carry this same bombastic quality, but also introduce subtle hooks into the fray.

Check out their video for “Secular Front”:

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