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World Collapse are back?

World Collapse are back?

It’s pretty damn cold over here at SWNK HQ, so it’s good to hear some good news now and then. Like a sign of life from World Collapse (who have been in a coma for some time now).

A couple of hours ago they unleashed the following video to the world, visually as strong as ever:

Apparently something’s coming out in 2013. I can’t wait.

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  1. DavidTH said on 2012-12-12

    “visually as strong as ever”

    Musically it will probably be the worst shit ever.

    • Pim said on 2012-12-12

      Wow, clever! Here’s your 5 seconds of attention so we can all move along with our day 😉

      We know you don’t like stuff like this David, why do you reply to it? If I were to reply to every band out there I don’t like, man… I wouldn’t get any work done.

    • xroldx said on 2012-12-13

      I got to agree with David here Pim. This clip will be probably be the only thing I like from World Collapse.

      • Pim said on 2012-12-13

        And that’s perfectly fine, that wasn’t my point at all.

        • DavidTH said on 2012-12-13

          So what was your point, because i still don’t really understand?

  2. DavidTH said on 2012-12-12

    You’ve made a website where you can comment on news articles, that’s what i’m doing. I don’t know what’s so strange about that? Or are only positive sounds about the, horrible, bands you like permitted?

    • Pim said on 2012-12-12

      Of course not, you’re absolutely free to dwell in that constant negative nancy attitude. If that makes you happy. I just don’t get it and I probably never will. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything 😉 Let’s get back on topic.

      Has nothing to do with World Collapse by the way, I can totally see why some people ‘hate’ what they’re doing.

      • DavidTH said on 2012-12-12

        I was on topic, until you made some strange assumptions based on absolutely nothing. But ok, i won’t post then if it bothers you this much.

        • Pim said on 2012-12-12

          Pfff… I wasn’t saying you were offtopic, I tried to quit this silly discussion by saying that… Anyway ‘maybe I shouldn’t have said anything’. The end.

          Ontopic: Curious to hear what the new songs sound like and who will be singing.

  3. Rob In A Crowd said on 2012-12-14

    Siked als een dolle!