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World Collapse post new song “Casket”

World Collapse post new song “Casket”

World Collapse have unleashed a new song today called “Casket”.

The song’s mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Rammstein, U2, etc.), mixed by Pedro Teixeira (Bury Tomorrow, Heart In Hand) and produced by Natzel/Olma.

You can buy it digitally if that’s your thing:

iTunes | Amazon

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  1. Nico said on 2013-06-20

    I am into this.

  2. Pim said on 2013-06-20

    Yeah, I like it. Doesn’t seem to get stuck in my mind as fast as the previous stuff though, but maybe needs a couple of more spins.

    Cool they got Weinberg to do the mastering!

  3. DavidTH said on 2013-06-20

    I know it’s 100% predictable that i would respond negatively on this piece of music, but….

    Gasten echt…..

    • Pim said on 2013-06-20

      At first I had a “Now let’s just wait for negative nancy DavidTH to drop in to express his love for this band” sentence in there, took it out at the last minute because I thought it was a bit childish 😉 I now totally regret this of course hehe.

      • DavidTH said on 2013-06-21

        It almost seems like some kind of joke with the German accent and the synthesizer. If i’d like it, i wouldn’t tell anyone 😀

  4. Rob In A Crowd said on 2013-06-20

    Hmmm…don’t know yet…loved their old stuff, probably gonna love this after a couple of spins.

  5. xroldx said on 2013-06-21

    Duran Duran meets Good Charlotte. I’ll go and listen to Eyeball.