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World War 4 (Floorpunch, No Tolerance) release demo

World War 4 (Floorpunch, No Tolerance) release demo

Members of Floorpunch and No Tolerance have teamed up in World War 4.

A demo will be released at This Is Hardcore 2012┬ábut it’s also available online.

Get ready for some old school moshing!


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  1. Nico said on 2012-08-07

    Loving this so much!

  2. xroldx said on 2012-08-07

    I like this better than that other band with ex-members of Floorpunch: Anger Regiment.

  3. DavidTH said on 2012-08-07

    Wel leuk, maar word er verder niet echt enthousiast van.

  4. Lodewijk said on 2012-08-07

    Not bad, going to give this some more time to grow on me.
    I’m predicting this to be the new big band of 2012/2013.
    If anyone was wondering, CC, Doug Free and DFJ are in this. (and some others, of course.)

  5. DavidTH said on 2012-08-08

    Yes and that’s why everyone is digging this so much, that’s hardcore for you.

  6. Rudie said on 2012-08-23

    I’m digging this so much! Even more for the people that are in it! HARDCORE!!!

  7. Henk de Vries said on 2012-08-29


  8. Lodewijk said on 2012-08-29

    Don’t buy this one on eBay folks, I just saw that more of these tapes are being made and that some will be sold online. Keep your eyes peeled.