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Worldwide Hardcore – An Insight Into A Global Scene

Worldwide Hardcore – An Insight Into A Global Scene

Matt x Lee from Insight X Publisher worked on this project for the last 2 years. If you want to help him out and fulfill his publishing dreams then take a look at the project on IndieGogo.

The book takes you on a journey through the development and history of hardcore music in more than 60 countries.


…discusses the disappearing, change, and comparison of generations, the origin of DIY and the impact of the World Wide Web, the straight edge movement, and the clinch between subgenres and subcultures.

Bands like 108, Antidote, Bane, Ensign, Get It Done, H2O, In My Eyes, Ignite, Madball, No For An Answer, Outspoken, Slapshot, Terror, Trial, A Strength Within, Up Front and Warzone illustrate their stories and exchange their views.


…gives you a good insight into the hardcore music scenes of more than 60 countries. The book is a milestone of hardcore literature. It is a realistic view of the past and present.

Bands like All For Nothing, Anchor, Billy The Kid, Clearsight, Daydream, Enough, Evolve, Focused X Minds, For The Glory, Fumbles In Life, Knuckledust, King Ly Chee, Last Hope, My Turn, No Turning Back, No Warning, Onesta, Outright, Punishable Act, Pointing Fingers, Positive Youth, Relentless, Remission, Risky Business, Ryker’s, Second Combat, Strength Approach, The Geeks, Through These Eyes, Wisdom In Chains, and Xibalba are just a corn of rice compared to the whole package of bands, labels, and promoter that will give you an in-depth knowledge about their local scenes.

Along with the reports about hardcore and thought-provoking stories from some living circumstances and political situations, an immense pile of photographs and flyer is to find on almost every page.


Print Length: 220 – 250 pages (Because we’re still working on the layout, we can’t tell you how many pages the book will have at the end)
Book Size: 17×24 cm (6.69″x9.45″)
Circulation: 600 – 1000pcs first print
ISBN: 978-3-944681-00-9

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