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How did you start out your day?

[img][/img] I’m currently up in my summer cabin shooting at beer cans with my BB rifle. What better way to greet the day exploring SWNK, drinking coffee and enjoying the view. If you can’t see it properly in the picture, I’m on a hill, looking down on a big ass lake listening to crickets, birds … Continue reading How did you start out your day?

Reply To: Yearlists anyone?

the first that came to mind – as usual I´m probably forgetting quite a bit: The Men – Leave Home Burzum – Fallen Defeater – Empty Days & Sleepless Nights Make Do and Mend – End Measured Mile Rival Schools – Petals J. Mascis – Several Shades of Why Title Fight – Shed Night Birds … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists anyone?

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

I replied to the message from Grave Mistake about the new Night Birds, so I will let that be my first review. I wouldn’t mind reviewing Deafheaven, since I never heard of them before.

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

NEW STUFF! – ONE BURNING MATCH – s/t – hardcore/punk from France – – actual CD – LUNAR OUTPOST – “Life Is A Lie” – – digital copy – LAVATCH – “Mental Deterioration” – – actual copy – A WILHELM SCREAM – “Partycrasher” (No Idea Records) – – digital copy – … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Freddy Alva

Pim had a talk with Freddy Alva about growing up in NYC, acupuncture, favorite shows, Last Cause, Wardance Records and of course, the New Breed compilation.