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Iron Maiden – The Trooper 7″ Earthless ‎– Live At Tym Guitars Brisbane, Australia 12″ Marduk – Blackcrowned

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Worked untill late last night. My playlist more or less represents my feelings about this: agents of abhorrence – Relief cloud rat/republic of dreams – split cloud rat – moksha iron lung – white glove test the gentle art of chokin’ – s/t vuyvr – eiskalt sun worship – surpass eclipse

In defence of E-chug

Sit down kids, while DOGHEAD (Mike) tells you about the wonderful world of e-chug.

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

HUGE UPDATE. Been busy, so here it is, all at once: – THE CRYTEARIONS – “I See What It Is And I Am Scared” – – actual copy – DEAD END STORY – “One For The Distant Shore” – – digital copy – ASH IS A ROBOT – – digital copy – … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

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Beowulf – Un-sentimental (forgot about that one, great record) Bullet Treatment – Mistake D12 – D12 World Iron Maiden – Rock In Rio

Wim Berchmans

Ever heard of Justice, Rhythm To The Madness, Joshua’s Song, Loud And Clear, Not Afraid, In Arm’s Reach or The Fight?

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[b]Records[/b] Strife – Witness A Rebirth LP Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind LP Atlas – …And It Never Ends 7″ Enabler – All Hail The Void LP Atlas Shrugged – Smile Songs 7″ Abolition – Language Of Violence 7″ Rise & Fall – Faith LP Inherit – The Crushing Wheels Of Samsara … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists

you should have it in your mail now. Sorry for the late reply! Meat Wave – Delusion moon – Lo-fi post punk – – digital Oregon Trail – Century – modern hardcore – – digital/physical The Fifth Alliance – Death poems – sludge/post-metal/metalcore – – digital Second Youth – s/t – punkrock … Continue reading

Doghead’s Metalcorner 2

Since he got such an energetic response to his last review column, Mike took it upon himself to nosedive once again into the metalcore submissions…