Appraise – Deeper Than That

Varsity jackets, bass intro’s and live pics. Whenever a band comes up with these elements I just know I’m in for either a treat or the biggest disappointment of the week.

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Harda Tider – Gatan Kallar LP Praise – Live recording @ WMUC ( Between Earth & Sky – Of roots and wings 12” Col-lapse – Minima Esperança LP Turning Point – It’s Always Darker Before the Dawn LP Dinosaur Jr. – Beyond The Killing Flame – Another Breath

Staffan Snitting

A chat with Staffan Snitting. Talking about life, his bands, straight edge, zines and euh… So You Think You Can Dance and Glee…

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Stick To Your Guns – Diamond A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy Strengthen What Remains – Turning A Blind Eye Downpresser – Don’t Need A Reason Dead & Divine – The Machines We Are Apologies, I Have None – London

This Is Europe Fest II

[img][/img] Tickets are just € 10 in the pre-sale, so get yours now at! We’ll have vegan food for sale and there will be distromarket. Hardcore for hardcore.

Destroy It Yourself Distro: Vinyl, Tapes, CD's..

From 1,5€ to 8€ tops! Cheap, fast postage from Portugal. Updated on February 18th 12″: -AGATHOCLES – Obey Their Rules -AHNEUS – S/T LP -ASEDIO – S/T LP -ANTILLECTUAL – Start From Scratch -ANTILLECTUAL – Testimony -ATENTADO – Antagonist -AUTONOMIA – Necrologia (Discography 2002-2006) -BACCHUS – S/T LP -BLOWFUSE – Into The Spiral -BURNING … Continue reading Destroy It Yourself Distro: Vinyl, Tapes, CD's..

Hostage Calm

Hostage Calm’s Chris Martin opens up about topics as same sex-marriage, smashing limits, punk forefathers and revolutions gone wrong.

Woodwork – S/T

All hail the 90’s with its baggy pants, krishna beads and Very Distribution catalogue.

Reproach + Lose The Life + Spiknyter + De Aanslag + GAS + Phil Collins Tribute Band + Crack David

M.O.B. presents PUNKROCK RUINED MY LIFE-FEST #1 Minor Operation Bookings has been active for well over a year now and it’s getting bigger and better everytime. To celebrate this and the fact that M.O.B. head honcho Ivo is turning 28 at the end of September, thus having thrown away half his life on punkrock, we … Continue reading Reproach + Lose The Life + Spiknyter + De Aanslag + GAS + Phil Collins Tribute Band + Crack David

Strife – Witness a Rebirth

‘Oh god, that negative guy that doesn’t even really like hardcore anymore is talking about how jaded and over it he is again.’