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Reply To: What band are you in?

Sweet Empire – Political & melodic punkrock (we often get compared to Dag Nasty, Descendents, Bad Religion and Good Riddance) Our debut record will come out in September on Shield Recordings.

H2O – Don’t Forget Your Roots

Don’t Forget Your Roots isn’t a record that will change the hardcore or punk scene. But it might be that one record that makes a younger generation check out bands like Embrace, Dag Nasty and 7 Seconds.


UPDATED THE LIST(13 March 2015) Do you want something send a email or order through discogs: (*)Items that are in new/unplayed state. (EVERYTHING IS ON DISCOGS) TESTPRESSINGS: ANTHRAX: BRING THE NOISE(12inch)island records(TESTPRESSING)(1991) CREATURES: S/T(7inch)collapse? records(TESTPRESSING # 2/3) M.O.D.: SURFIN’ M.O.D.(12inch)caroline records(TESTPRESSING)(electrosound labels) (*)THIRTY-TWO FRAMES: S/T(12inch)rise/revelation records #105(TESTPRESSING #7/32) (V/A)FROM THE MEGAVAULT: COMP.(comp.12inch)megaforce records(TESTPRESSING)(only ? … Continue reading UPDATE 21(SELLING A BIG PART OF MY COLLECTION)

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

[b]New stuff[/b] – BRAIN F≠’S – “Empty Set” (Grave Mistake / Sorry State) – garage punk – digital copy – VOLATILE SUBSTANCE – “Emergency Exit” – – digital copy – CROSSHATCH – “Full Speed Ahead” – FFO The Bouncing Souls, Alkaline Trio, Green Day, Iron Chic – – digital copy – STOP BREATHING … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?


After hearing Mojot Pekol for the first time I knew it was time to ask a couple of questions to Fonija. Who’s behind this punk-surpise of the year?

Record sale!

Feel free to email for more information. I prefer email! segierw at hotm. 108 – songs of separation lp AMEN RA – one sided lp (1st one? Ritual / from birth to grave) ANNIHILATION TIME – II lp ANTHRAX – among the living lp ANTHRAX – persistence of time lp ANTHRAX – spreading the disease … Continue reading Record sale!

Mikey Erg/Warren Franklin – split – pop punk – – digital Ilenkus – The crossing – – digital (check that video, it’s one of more weird things I’ve seen (where it comes to music videos) States and empires – Freedom – 90’s grunge stuff – – digital Mourn – The beaten path … Continue reading