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CDs for sale

CDs for sale 3cds for 9euro 8 voor 20euro Excluding shippingcost Email me: roelandvangorp AT gmail DOT com 10 Seconds Down – just swallow 324 – rebelgrind 454 Big Block – your jesus (boekje waterschade) A Day In Black & White / Black Castle – split (gevouwen inlay) Abc Diabolo – last intoxication of senses … Continue reading CDs for sale

Dead End Story – s/t

What happens if you blend Leatherface and Hot Water Music together? You get Dead End Story. Okay, maybe not as good as aforementioned bands, but you get the idea.

Dead To Me announce new record

Well known touring monsters Dead To Me have a new album coming out on Fat Wreck Chords. Bassplayer Chicken adds some details.

Dead Channels – Soul Pollution

It’s always great when a band that you never heard of grabs you by the throat and Dead Channels did just that. Thanks. Doesn’t happen that often.

Old Ghosts

Jeremy Smith, formerly of Dead Hearts, opens up about his new band Old Ghosts and being an American during election time.

Crows – Better off dead

At the end of the year Crows release a record that contends for a very high spot in your yearlist.

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

New stuff ready to go: – El Camaro CD/vinyl – – ‘FFO ZEKE, THE HOOKERS, Peter Pan Speedrock, Rene SG’ – actual copy – New Morality – No Morality CD – actual copy – Vampire Lezbos – s/t (1987 reissue) – – “Dead Like Me” – split LP 12” with Gerda (noise/Italia) – … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Ashes Of Many + Royal And Dead (de) + Despicable Heroes + Killing Goliath

ASHES OF MANY + ROYAL AND DEAD (de) + DESPICABLE HEROES + KILLING GOLIATH Vrijdag 7 juni Zaal open 21:00 Entree € 4,- [url=]The Stage [/url] Munterstraat 5 Arnhem [url=]Ashes of Many[/url] [url=]Royal And Dead[/url] [url=]Despicable Heroes[/url] [img][/img]