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Crawlspace just released a brand new album called “Carved into flesh”. Reason enough for Dennis to meet up with Jurgen (guitar) and Def (bass).

Death Alley – Black Magick Boogieland

Death Alley (existing of three embryo punks) however sounds refreshing and in no way near outdated. The boys evolved from rambling streetpunks into gifted rock’n’rollers.

Entrapment – Metal ov Death

Kleine update: All shirts: Sold out! New prints coming soon! Back in stock: Entrapment – Putrefying Stench of Death Demo (2nd press) Very soon: Entrapment – Crawling Morbidity 7″ (detest records) Entrapment – Infernal Blasphemies demo (detest records) Later this year: Entrapment – Puterfying Stench of Death Limited 7″ (Slap Bet Records) Entrapment/ Torturerama – … Continue reading Entrapment – Metal ov Death

Destroy It Yourself Distro: Vinyl, Tapes, CD's..

From 1,5€ to 8€ tops! Cheap, fast postage from Portugal. Updated on February 18th 12″: -AGATHOCLES – Obey Their Rules -AHNEUS – S/T LP -ASEDIO – S/T LP -ANTILLECTUAL – Start From Scratch -ANTILLECTUAL – Testimony -ATENTADO – Antagonist -AUTONOMIA – Necrologia (Discography 2002-2006) -BACCHUS – S/T LP -BLOWFUSE – Into The Spiral -BURNING … Continue reading Destroy It Yourself Distro: Vinyl, Tapes, CD's..

Reply To: Hellstone Records

New arrivals: AT HALF-MAST / TO THE EMBERS – split 7″EP (Goodwill) 5.00 EUR AT HALF-MAST / VALUES INTACT – split 7″EP (Goodwill) 5.00 EUR Black Depths: “Grey Waves Nightmare Of The Blackened Heart” CD (Aesthetic Death) 10.00 EUR CARRY THE TORCH / SIGNS OF HOPE – split 7″EP (Goodwill) 5.00 EUR Cause Riot: “S/T” … Continue reading Reply To: Hellstone Records

The Rodeo Idiot Engine (FR) + Daggers (BE) + TBD

[b]↯ The Rodeo Idiot Engine (FR)[/b] post-hardcore, mathcore [b]↯ Daggers (BE)[/b] hardcore punk, noise-rock Ticket: TBD [url=]ACU[/url] · Voorstraat 71, 3512 AK, Utrecht — [url=]⇝ V for Vulture · DIY Booking Collective[/url]

Fear Factory & Spoil Engine

De invloedrijke industrial metalband Fear Factory keert terug naar Friesland! Het vooruitstrevende viertal uit Los Angeles is al sinds 1992 bezig met hun unieke combinatie van death, thrash & industrial de metalwereld te veranderen. De genre overstijgende band heeft vele geweldige platen uitgebracht en meer dan een miljoen albums verkocht wereldwijd. Na een paar jaar … Continue reading Fear Factory & Spoil Engine

Reply To: Death Before Dishonor

I liked that True Till Death album back in the day, but for some reason never checked out any of their later stuff. I do like the “i came to fight, i came to win” shirt every other moshkid was sporting at one time though. 😉

Reply To: Straight & Alert distro

A lot of old Thrash / Death metal records just arrived at Straight & Alert: LP Death – Human Death – Individual Thought Patterns Death – Leprosy Death – Spiritual HealingObituary – Cause Of Death Obituary – Slowly We Rot Obituary – World Demise Slayer – Hell Awaits Slayer – Show No Mercy Type … Continue reading Reply To: Straight & Alert distro