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You all know the drill… Bats out – Flying blind EP – streetpunk – digital Counting coins – Don’t look down – Ska punk – – digital Nishe – Lose control – Indie rock – – digital Chuggaboom – Zodiac arrest – spoof metalcore – – digital Pigs – wronger – featuring … Continue reading

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Carol Ann/Noothgrush – Split 7″ Forgotten Tomb‎– Deprived 7″ Noisear – Noisear 7″ Katatonia – Dead End Kings 2×10″ Forgotten Tomb‎– …And Don´t Deliver Us From Evil 12″ The Acacia Strain – Death is the only Mortal Aluk Todolo – Occult Rock The Alvaret Ensemble – The Alvaret Ensemble Asphyx – The Rack Bison B.C. … Continue reading Reply To: Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over (or which records did you buy?)

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[b]Best shows[/b] – Seeing Gorilla Biscuits once again at the BnB bowl in NYC – The Mission at De Melkweg, Amsterdam during their 25th anniversary tour [b]Releases (in no particular order)[/b] – Supertouch – Lost My Way 7″ – Inherit – St 7″ – All Pigs Must Die – God Is War 12″ – The … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists

Barn Owl / Tom Carter – Barn Owl / Tom Carter 12″ Porter Ricks – Biokinetics Sonic Youth – Sunday World’s End Girlfriend – 空気人形 (Air Doll) Various – Floralia Vol. 3 Promos: Klone – Here Comes the Sun Kouma – Kouma Phantom Winter – Phantom Winter Takaakira “Taka” Goto – Classical Punk and Echoes … Continue reading

2011 according to SWNK

Thanks for the support in 2011 people. Before we’re entering 2012 we would like to look back a final time. Time for the infamous yearlists.

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Alright, here’s what’s new. It’s a lot and there’s a couple of real gems hidden in this pile, so take your pick! • Up River – undertow – FFO: More Than Life, Defeater, Goodtime Boys, Touche Amore…. (digital) • BLISTERED “SOUL EROSION” EP – FOR FANS OF: Disembodied, Incendiary, Morning Again (digital) • … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Maniyax Records News

Hey guys, MANIYAX RECORDS is a small mailorder and label for many genres like doom, postrock, hardcore, sludge, crust and much more from Münster, Germany. Please take a look! Cheers, Fabian New/Restock: BLOODY PHOENIX – Ode To Death LP [10 €] EAST OF THE WALL – Ressentiment 2xLP [18 €] FALL OF EFRAFA – Elil … Continue reading Maniyax Records News

Unbroken European tour winter ’94-’95

Unbroken toured Europe for the first time during the winter of ’94-’95. It was cold and all members of the band got ill. What impact did they made on the European hardcore kids around. They share their story here.

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[quote=dirtyrottenimbecile][quote=Rob In A Crowd]Ik mis een goede youthxcrew band in nederland op het moment. [/quote] Xbirds of a featherX is still around or did i miss something????[/quote] Birds Of A Feather broke up almost 2 years ago. Some of its members are now in Echoes.

Xnoybis / Pord‎– Picardian Fight Song / Joyeux Mimosa 7″ Max Richter / Daniel Hope‎– Berlin By Overnight 12″ Nightslug‎– Dismal Fucker 12″ Boris ‎– Heavy Rocks Boris/Choukoku No Niwa – More Echoes, Touching Air Landscape Cowards – Hoarder Godflesh‎– A World Lit Only By Fire Today is the Day – Animal Mother

Free mixtape for download

Featuring bands like Echoes, Stay Hungry, Get It Done, Police And Thieves, No Turning Back and many others.

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I sing in a sludge metal band called Starve ( and in a hardcore band called Echoes (