Purgatory Records

If you aren’t aware of Purgatory Records at the moment the chances are you haven’t been paying attention to the UK scene at the moment.

Marco Abularach

When the first postings about The Icemen from Marco surfaced on the internet I kinda had my doubts. Turned out he’s a great guy!

Destroy It Yourself Distro: Vinyl, Tapes, CD's..

From 1,5€ to 8€ tops! Cheap, fast postage from Portugal. www.destroyityourselfdiy.worpress.com/distro Updated on February 18th 12″: -AGATHOCLES – Obey Their Rules -AHNEUS – S/T LP -ASEDIO – S/T LP -ANTILLECTUAL – Start From Scratch -ANTILLECTUAL – Testimony -ATENTADO – Antagonist -AUTONOMIA – Necrologia (Discography 2002-2006) -BACCHUS – S/T LP -BLOWFUSE – Into The Spiral -BURNING … Continue reading Destroy It Yourself Distro: Vinyl, Tapes, CD's..


Sometimes you hear a demo you instantly fall in love with. Keep a spot open on your yearlists for that demo people.

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

You read a bio by a band called “Kill em dead cowboy”? 🙂 Frustration is yours. I was talking to one of the guys in Frustration about it. As for Times Together, maybe mail the band for a digital copy? Ferdy, I’ll hook you up with those!


We’re LONG WAY HOME, a new band hailing from the notorious Moshvalley. We started this band 2 years ago and we’ve been working our asses off ever since. As a result LONG WAY HOME became band with lyrics full of frustration and evil riffs. We’ve played a couple of shows so far but we’re hungry … Continue reading LONG WAY HOME

The Tidal Sleep

‘Three years ago a band like ours would not have interested that much people. Neither will it in three years.’


Massive egos and ‘the true form of women’. Shevils explains it all!

New Pokerface – Swingers

Swingers shows they’re ready to take over the hearts & minds of anyone who grew up on Epitaph & Fat Wreck but gradually started moving their heads to Jimmy Eat World as well.

Ronald Boorsma

A lengthy talk with the man behind Not Just Words Records about politics, education, fireworks, hardcore. About life.

Reply To: Get Wise

Well, we’re trying to play on New Years Eve, I hope it’ll work out somehow. We have 2 confirmed shows now: December 2011 27.12 – Leeds w/ Cornered, Frustration 28.12 – AVAILABLE 29.12 – AVAILABLE 30.12 – Sheffield w/ tba 31.12 – AVAILABLE (without Speak Up) I hope that the rest of the dates gets … Continue reading Reply To: Get Wise