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Oh my god… Aside from the stolen intro that was really, really bad. REALLY bad actually. That’s not really a band with songs like that right? Just a parody, joke?

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Was really nice. Liked the crown of thornz reuinion and congress was great. No mike dijan but fuck it the skarhead gitar players played his riffs pretty well. Deez nuts really sucked. SOIA as always nice. Eyehategod was amazingly good! I was no fan of them but now I am. Bad thing is that little … Continue reading Reply To: Ieperfest 2012

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So yesterday we had a spammer crash our party. A what? A script registering a new user and sending private messages to (a part of) our users. Nothing was hacked, no usernames/passwords/emails were leaked/stolen. No worries about that. We found out about it pretty early and the user and the private messages that were send … Continue reading Reply To: What is happening

Rise Against

Rise Against singer Tim McIllrath talks about the new record, homophobia, revolutions in the Middle East, the Tea Party and more.

The Swipes – Lost

The Swipes have made a nice, clean album, that has pop chart potential. Don’t expect any sharp bites though.

Reply To: Borrowed riffs & melodies The opening riff in ‘The Quest’ always reminds me of ‘Gimme danger’ by The Stooges. It’s not in anyway stolen though.