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Iron Heel / Acid Deathtrip / Depravation

Friday july 25th, 2014 @ Kafee de Splinter, Venlo IRON HEEL (at, stoner/doom) ACID DEATHTRIP (horst, doom/rock n roll) DEPRAVATION (de, sludge/punk) Entrance: FREE Doors: 16.00 (it’s a bar.. ) Time schedule: 21:30-22:00 Depravation 22:20-23:00 Acid Deathtrip 23:20-00:00 Iron Heel

Iron Age – The Sleeping Eye

“Constant Struggle” is still one of my favorite records. So my expectations for this one were pretty high, will it be able to live up to it?


Callum talks to vocalist Nick about their new material, the source of rage behind hardcore kids, and Nazi’s.

Iron Age – Constant Struggle

Constant Struggle is going straight up to the nr 1 spot of my yearlist. I just don’t think another record will top this anytime soon.

Iron to Gold – Soultraveler

Their demo caught me with a vengeance, their live performance in Wroclaw in September was great, and holy mother of Armageddon, the 7″ that I got today is absolutely remarkable. Flawless energy, complete passion and HARD AS FUCK. [url=]IRON TO GOLD[/url] getting my ITG – Now I live this change/Warsaw STRAIGHT EDGE hoodie in medium … Continue reading Iron to Gold – Soultraveler

Iron To Gold post new song

Warsaw’s Iron To Gold have posted a new song from the soon to be released new EP ‘In The Zone’.

OG Floorpunch, Left for Dead, Iron Age, Justice, Dead Stop

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