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Reply To: New bands

Vogue (old-school HC) Dear Hearts (Melodic Punk-Rock) Both from Belgium Off Course

Reply To: New bands

What’s up with Vogue breaking up? Is there any info about those last shows and is it me or doesn’t the eastcoast/nononsense board work anymore? That Giant demo is awesome, the demo from Phantom also sounds pretty cool.

Reply To: Current state of European hardcore

[quote=Daniël]Really enjoying Rise of the North Star, band from Paris. Totally ridiculous, totally awesome. [youtube]y4k8hbwHgQ4[/youtube] [youtube]PTVgUrRNM7E[/youtube][/quote] Haha the most played band in the sex drive car…. I don’t know enough about other stuff, than the stuff that i like, to pass judgement on the state of European hardcore. I guess the faster/rawer type stuff is … Continue reading Reply To: Current state of European hardcore

Reply To: In the works

If we do that Onno memorial thing the wise thing to do will be to post it online a week before that European Hardcore Party which will be kind of a farewell to him. You could ask people like Wouter Rebellion to get involved. In other ‘news’ the interview with Just Like Your Mom about … Continue reading Reply To: In the works

Reply To: In the works

Pim: Sent out that Vogue record already? I’ll try and come up with a format for video material somewhere this week. Suggestions for interesting people are always welcome.

Reply To: playlist

Vogue: “2006-2008” Red Hot Chili Peppers: “I’m With You” De Heideroosjes: “Sinema” Make Do & Mend: “End Measured Mile” Gorki: “Research & Developement”