Patrick Kitzel

Spawn, Repel fanzine & records, True Blue, Reaper Records. These names should ring a bell. They’re all linked to one person, Patrick Kitzel.

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

I like Drain-Life live, but their records usually bore me. Must say I haven’t heard the last 2 (I think I have ’em both somewhere since Yorick is always bugging me for shows, but I never bothered taking the shrink wrap off, haha)

Reply To: Movies / TV shows part II

yup, first time I’m watching Sopranos. Brilliant serie, but there’s only so much maffia stuff I can take, so I’m taking a break from it now. Only to start season 3 in a couple of months. I’ve planned to watch the walking dead S04E02 tonight. So much to watch, so little time…

Freddy Alva

Pim had a talk with Freddy Alva about growing up in NYC, acupuncture, favorite shows, Last Cause, Wardance Records and of course, the New Breed compilation.