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I just finished reading Javier Cercas – The Anatomy Of A Moment Here’s a review of it by the Telegraph which is also pretty much my opinion on the book: The alluring but treacherous borderlands between fact and fiction have never been more attractive to writers and readers, and the Spanish novelist Javier Cercas knows … Continue reading Reply To: Books

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Really love De Rijdende Rechter too plus I agree that last season was not top material. Although the old guy that threw his drink at the camera and refused to come outside was hilarious. Will watch this episode soon!

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[quote=DavidTH]Is True North al uit of is dat een review exemplaar ofzo? Anyway hoe is ie?[/quote] Review copy. Coming out on the 22nd. Review online soon. I’m not an expert or anything, but it sounds like solid Bad Religion to me. Only 1 (maybe 1,5) slower song 😉

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JH Zigzag presents: THE PRICEDUIFKES PAY NO RESPECT [uk] – AYS [de] – WARBRAIN [aus] – LOTUS ANGELSKIN LASTING TRACES [de] – LOCK & KEY [uk] – ENOUGH SAID [release show] – UP RIVER [uk] – CALL IT OFF [nl] – CLIENT. [de] – … Continue reading Ziggypop @ JH Zigzag, Merksplas (Belgium)