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Share your life

Just a place to drop random stuff from your life you’d like to share. The two women that make me happy: my 3,5 year old daughter Anne and my girlfriend Eva. [img][/img] 🙂

L.A. Fest

[img][/img] [b][url=]Legends Arising[/url] presents: L.A. Fest[/b] The release of DIY Magazine [url=]The L.A. Journal #2[/url] will go hand in hand with a small festival. There’ll be music, food and a small exhibition. [b]THE BILL:[/b] Gone to Waste Client. World Weary Teethgrinder ANGST LOTUS [b]EXHIBITORS:[/b] Florian Schömmer Anne Carolien Köhler Max Horn [url=][b]FACEBOOK EVENT[/b][/url]

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Johnny Cash – Unchained Anne – Dream Punx Dead To Me – Moscow Penny Ante Disengage – Expressions Reaching Forward – For The Cause ManLiftingBanner – Discography DeadStoolPigeon – Strike Anthem Double Vision – Cold Comfort Growing Stronger – Compilation