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Reply To: Reflections Records Discount

Some Bad Brains, Cro Mags and Quicksand to fill in the blanks of my collection. And the Joshua’s Song & Not Afraid 7″es and the Herder LP. Also finally decided to pick up Title Fight – Shed + some 7″es. But those were already sold out.

Reply To: Yearlists anyone?

Top 10, no particular order: Crowbar – Sever the wicked hand Red fang – Murder the mountains Oathbreaker – Maelstrom Herder – st Rotten sound – cursed Trap them – Darker handcraft Craft – void All pigs must die – god is war Pulling teeth – funerary The devils blood – the thousandfold epicentre

Reply To: playlist

Ghost – opus eponymus Red fang – murder the mountains Herder – s/t Black anvil – triumvirate And 1 Immortal song

Reply To: In the works

I really don’t have the time for that Onno article. If someone wants to pick it up (Rik made a great start!) please go for it. Everything else sounds good Rold 🙂 I have an interview with Ché (Herder, From Earth, ex-Born From Pain) in the works again. Picking up where we left it with … Continue reading Reply To: In the works

Reply To: playlist

iron chic – time keeps on slipping into the cosmic future 7” deal with it – eergkajghefkayefkgaf (<– you know which one I mean, right?) herder – s/t

Reply To: Yearlists 2013

No need to keep reconsidering this list. This is it: best albums 1. John Moreland – In the throes 2. Fonija – Mojot pekol 3. Calabrese – Born with a scorpions touch 4. Regimen – s/t 5. Pine Barrens – Kingmaker 6. Shevils – Lost in tartarus 7. Doomriders – Grande blood 8. Hollis Brown … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists 2013

PitFest 2016

Pitfest is the only punk/hardcore/metal festival in Drenthe (NL). The first edition is going to take place on the 9th of april 2016 in The Spot in Erica (indoor). 18 bands on 2 stages! From garage rock to brutal death metal. Just 350 tickets available! The confirmed bands so far (more to come): – Born … Continue reading PitFest 2016

Reply To: Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over (or which records did you buy?)

Herder – Horror Vacui 12″ No Turning Back – Take Control 12″ Black Flag – My War 12″ Bathory – Under The Sign Of The Black Mark 12″ Fever – Ses 7″ Alcest – BBC Live Session 12″ Lifelover – Sjukdom Fursy Teyssier – Collected Works 2006-2011 Book Life After Death – Damien Echols Book … Continue reading Reply To: Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over (or which records did you buy?)

New Break Character songs up!

We’re really excited to tell you we’ve got 2 new songs up on our bandcamp called ‘Profits of Life’ and ‘Leidsche Rijn Blues’. Recordings have been taken care of by Marc van Duivenvoorde (Herder/Feast) and yeah they’re loud and they’re gritty. The songs will be on our forthcoming split LP with AttackRobotAttack from Groningen. If … Continue reading New Break Character songs up!