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Europe: Blindside, Inherit, Final Rage, Foreseen, Upright, Unholy Majesty, Iron x Curtain, Tremors, Not Afraid, Rearranged, Wardogs (RIP), Bang Bros, Abolition, Coldburn, and I’m sure Sectarian Violence will be cool, too USA: Beware, The Boston Strangler, Build & Destroy, Damaged Goods, Dead End Path, Direct Effect, Disengage, ENOUGH, Expire, Focused x Minds, Free Spirit, Kicked … Continue reading Reply To: New bands


Dutch straight edge bands are few and far between so it’s about time we pay attention to one of the few and proud hanging tight: ClearxPath from Rotterdam.


[img][/img] Epidemic Records presents: THE SMASHROOMS – EUROPEAN TOUR 2013 Tour event: 25.10 – I – MILANO – Zam w/ RFT, Hobophobic, Essere 26.10 – D – KARLSRUHE – Halle13 w/ Coldburn, Bitter Verses, Sullen Walk, Diversion, Second Of Peace, Disconcept, Set To Defy 27.10 – NL – NIJMEGEN – De Onderbroek w/ Gattaca, … Continue reading THE SMASHROOMS EUROPEAN TOUR 2013

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Take It Back Records: digital [b]REALITY RETURNS – s/t 7″[/b] …”is a straight edge hardcore band from Southern Germany, featuring former members of Teamkiller and Coldburn. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, REALITY RETURNS’ debut EP will please fans of The Icemen, Biohazard, Merauder, and Sick Of It All. Putting the straight … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

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Pure Love – Anthems. Wel aardig, maar het blijft niet hangen. White Lung – Sorry. Trok het beter dan verwacht. Forsaken – Demo 2013. Prima demo, spulleke. The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten. Wordt beter per luisterbeurt. Liferide – S/t. One King Down – Bloodlust Revenge Power trip – Armageddon Blues En een speciaal playlistje aangemaakt … Continue reading Reply To: playlist