Doghead’s Metalcorner

Mike reviewed a couple of metalcore records, looking for the next Reprisal. He didn’t really found what he was looking for…

No Gods, No Masters – Demo

Space domination is bit out of No Gods, No Masters’ league, but this splendid demo EP should garner some attention for this new Dutch sludge band

Alex Morris of Mosh Pit the game

Someone was making a game for the iOS platform about moshing? Color me interested. So I contacted Alex “Uncle Al” Morris, the guy behind it all.

In defence of E-chug

Sit down kids, while DOGHEAD (Mike) tells you about the wonderful world of e-chug.

This Is Europe Fest II

[img][/img] Tickets are just € 10 in the pre-sale, so get yours now at! We’ll have vegan food for sale and there will be distromarket. Hardcore for hardcore.

Reply To: What is happening

I know, that should have been working, but it doesn’t, so it’s disabled for now. As mentioned [url=]here[/url] I did my best to get it to work. But that’s the risk of running beta software. As soon as I get it to work properly it will be back, I like that functionality as well 😉 … Continue reading Reply To: What is happening


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Smash The Statues – looking back

Today, 2 years ago, Smash The Statues played their final show. To ‘celebrate’ that they uploaded footage of the full show and two unheard covers. We also made Tom look back.

Reply To: Books

I just finished reading Lumen, by Ben Pastor. Anyone who’s into the Bernie Gunther series by Philip Kerr should give this a chance as well. In 1939 German-occupied Poland, an American priest and a German officer are brought together by the assassination of Mother Kazimierza, an nun with the gift of prophecy. Father Malecki, a … Continue reading Reply To: Books

Shipwrecked – The Last Pagans

Shipwrecked is as conservative as hardcore can get, but it’s refreshing to hear a band that goes back to the roots and do it as well as these 4 last Pagans.