Dropkick Murphys – Boys On The Docks Max Richter – The Leftovers (Music From The HBO Series – Season One) Pelican ‎– Arktika + The Cliff Radare – Im Argen Sunn O))) ‎– Kannon

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De prijzen staan er achter. 5 CD’s van 5 euro halen , 4 betalen. Hardcore/punkrock Agnostic Front – Another Voice 5 American Nightmare – Year One 5 Another Breath – The God Complex 5 Blacklisted – We’re Unstoppable 5 Boysetsfire – The Misery Index: notes from the plague years promo 2 The Clash – London … Continue reading CD's te koop

Retired Punx Fest Peer (be) – 15 bands!

Second Chance (nl – old skool hc belgian reunionshow) Hailing from Rotterdam , these 90’s eurocore heroes will play their first show on Belgian Soil since their unexpected reunion last year. singalong old skool hc. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAz66ksSMh8[/youtube] China Shop Bull (uk – rave ska punk) One of the most innovating punk bands around. Their influences range … Continue reading Retired Punx Fest Peer (be) – 15 bands!


Rain was a short-lived band from Washington, DC. They were part of the second wave of “Revolution Summer” bands.

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And more: – AUTONOMY / DOOM TOWN split LP (Trend Is Dead Records) – http://trendisdead.bandcamp.com/album/autonomy-doom-town-split-lp – Autonomy covering “Doom Town” (Wipers), Doom Town covering “Autonomy” (Buzzcocks) – digital copy – A LOSS FOR WORDS – “Before It Caves” (Velocity/Rise Records) – digital copy – EXPLODING HEAD SYNDROME – “Disciples of Reason LP” – rocking hardcore … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Talbot – Scaled

Talbot sounds like being punched in the face by a mammoth on ‘Scaled’, no lies there.