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NEWS november 23rd Emergence Records: Grand Predateur “s/t” 10″ Scold for Wandering / Stellardrive LP Alaska Pipeline “Master of puppets” LP Alceste / Hive Destruction LP Heliport “Desarroi esthétique” LP Hiro / Who Needs Maps LP Tekken / Die Holle 7″ Youth avoiders / Zombie are pissed 7″ Horroshow Destruction “Remains of the night” … Continue reading Reply To: Useless Distribution

Pale Angels

How do you run a band when bandmembers live on different continents and play tons of different bands as well? Pale Angels explain it all.

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True Widow – s/t Pombagira – Iconoclaust dream Planks – The Darkest of Grays Pombagira / Eagle Twin split