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Reply To: In the works

Nice. I’ve got the answers for a Static Void new breed back as well. Will probably go up on Monday. Still working on the Razor Crusade thing. Getting everything together, collecting liner notes by the band, ‘fans’ etc. Gijs (Wilbrink – Tenement Kids) is on a holiday, but that interview is still in the works. … Continue reading Reply To: In the works

Reply To: In the works

Michiel Walrave interview is almost done. I hope to finish the Pettybone review and get it online on Tuesday. After that I’ll be interviewing Staffan Snitting (Stay Hungry, Sectarian Violence,, Law & Order zine). Oh and Staffan also said he wouldn’t mind contributing, but he works best if you give him an ‘assignment’, so … Continue reading Reply To: In the works

Let it Die – Demo

This is Let It Die’s first output so don’t expect originality. Instead there is brutality, aggression and violence.

Reply To: In the works

Cool! Tomorrow: Column “In defence of E-Chug” by Mike. Friday: Review of “Logn” by Maurice. Saturday: I probably can add a review myself or something. Filler demotape maybe. I would like to do something like the LIFE’S A MIXTAPE thing we used to do on Asice. Any suggestions on how to improve / change that … Continue reading Reply To: In the works