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@Rold: They sound a lot like UNBROKEN meets TRIAL meets early EARTH CRISIS. they put out a demo + two 7inch so far, and their LP is gonna be out on Cobra and Catalyst records


We just released a cassette/CD-R that you can listen to/download on Bandcamp. We are a band from Toulouse, France influenced by the music and the ideas of bands/collectives/authors such as [i]Unbroken, Indecision, Catharsis, Outspoken, Trial, Morning Again, Burn, Inside Out, 108, Noam Chomsky, CrimethInc, Alexander Berkman, Elisée Reclus…[/i] [img][/img] I f you … Continue reading WOODWORK

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This is a really great record! There are some weird things in the songwriting, like these keyboards in the beginning of the song. But overall it’s a very diverse records. I think the guitar players used to be in Strain and By A Thread, that can explain the diversity. I’m into it, but I think … Continue reading Reply To: Between Earth & Sky

Straight & Alert distro – November 2011

[b][url][/url][/b] [b]New Products[/b] [b][url][/url][/b] [u][b]LP[/b][/u] Trapped Under Ice – Big Kiss Goodnight La Dispute – Wildlife [2ble LP] Black Breath – Heavy Breathing Strife – One Truth Terror – Lowest Of The Low Naysayer – Laid To Rest Warzone – Old School To New School Bad Religion – How The Hell Could It Be Any … Continue reading Straight & Alert distro – November 2011

2011 according to SWNK

Thanks for the support in 2011 people. Before we’re entering 2012 we would like to look back a final time. Time for the infamous yearlists.

Freddy Alva

Pim had a talk with Freddy Alva about growing up in NYC, acupuncture, favorite shows, Last Cause, Wardance Records and of course, the New Breed compilation.