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After reviewing their debut record, Rold still had some unanswered questions. He approached guitarplayer Jasper to answer them.

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I am looking forward to the new Scream 10″. Yes it has been 18 years since their last record, but I sorta enjoy every single record, so I have my hopes up for this one. [img][/img] INFO: After first emerging nearly 30 years before this recording from DC’s nascent underground punk scene, Scream has returned … Continue reading Reply To: Highly anticipated records

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[quote=Tim]Oh yeah, did anyone play the catwoman sidestory. Iā€™m not sure if I should purchase it or not?[/quote] I did, but I played that one for free. Don’t know how much it costs? I think you can do without it, but then again, when you completed the main game, you want more, so well… šŸ˜‰ … Continue reading Reply To: Games

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I’ll get on it! So what’s left: Young Savages ā€“ Teun? Anyone else? Goldust ā€“ Soir collection. Mix of the songs they did on splits on a tape. (to get an idea) ā€“ Anyone? Trenchfoot ā€“ s/t EP ā€“ (you can listen to the EP for free there) ā€“ Anyone? More Than Life, … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews ā€“ Any takers?


At het Vliegende Paard in Zwolle. Free entree. (I think)